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PHWYBS T-Ball Rules (2020)  (Download the document)

PHWYBS uses the PONY LEAGUE rules as the guidelines for developing our own in-house rules. Below is a summary of game play rules and specific exceptions to defined PONY LEAGUE rules. For any rules not specifically mentioned here, PONY LEAGUE rules will apply. 

General Information: 

• Rosters shall consist of boys or girls who reach 5 or 6 years old by September 1st. Any exceptions to this rule must be specifically granted by the PHWYBS Board 

• Teams will be formed at the beginning of the season by the Player Agent based on player requests, neighborhoods, and schools they attend. 

• T-Ball is meant to teach kids the fun of playing baseball. No Scores or standings are kept. 

• Any unsportsmanlike act by players, coaches, or fans shall result in dismissal from the game, removal from the field, and be reported to the PHWYBS Board. Repeated or serious infractions shall, at the discretion of the PHWYBS Board, result in suspension or dismissal from the league without refund. Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior include the following: o Fighting, or otherwise attempting to intentionally inflict harm on another player, coach, umpire, fan, 

or other volunteers o Swearing, taunting or making other cruel remarks 

• There are no umpires at the T-Ball level. 


• The length between bases will be 50 feet (60 feet if base post unavailable for 50 feet). 


• No metal cleats are permitted. 

• Uniforms should be worn properly during all games. All jewelry, including earrings, must be removed prior to the game. 

Game Length 

• Games are a maximum of 4 innings or 60 minutes (all games must be completed within 60 minutes regardless of the inning). No new inning may start after 45 minutes of game play. Coaches may agree to play the final inning entirely off the tee in order to finish in the required time. 

• All games lasting at least one inning will be considered complete games. 

• Games called due to weather or other circumstances before 1 complete inning will be replayed from the start at a later date – schedule permitting. 

Batting Rules 

• The entire roster of players present for the game shall bat each inning. Coaches should mix up their order each inning. 

• All players shall bat off of the tee for the first three games of the season. After the first three games, coaches are encouraged to overhand or underhand toss the ball to players with the ability to hit. If a player is unable to hit a pitch after five pitches, he/she shall hit off of the tee. 

• Players must be taught the danger of throwing their bat. On the first occurrence, the manager shall stop play and instruct the player on how to properly drop the bat. On the second occurrence, the batter will be required to bat again. On the third occurrence, the batter will be declared out and must return to the dugout. 

• There are no strikeouts. 

Running Rules 

• During the first three games of the season, regardless of whether the hitter was out or safe, the player will continue to run the bases. Following the first three games, if the runner is out they return to the dugout. 

• No Lead-offs or stealing is permitted. 

• The ball is dead when any infielder is in possession of the ball or the ball arrives in the infield after being hit to the outfield. However, for the last batter of the inning, the ball is not dead until the last batter is tagged out or scores a home-run. Runners should only advance a single base on an infield hit, but may continue to run as long as the ball is in the outfield. 

• If the ball is being thrown to a base that a runner is approaching and if there is a chance for a play, the runner must avoid collision by sliding, slowing down, or running around the player catching the ball to avoid injury. Failure to avoid contact during a play will result in the runner being called out. 

Fielding Rules 

• All players may play the field each inning. “Extra” fielders can be spread around the field. 

• 1-2 defensive coaches should position themselves in the infield to help instruct the players. , but they may only provide verbal directions. they may only provide verbal directions. 

(Download the PDF Version)

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